Monday, February 8, 2010


Salam, readers.

It has been four months since I posted something on this blog. Well, to tell you the truth...takda mud nak update this blog. I had no idea on what topic I should post. I felt really intimidated by other bloggers' interesting posts, and I could not post any interesting topic just like them. * -_-*

What happened now? I decided to post new topics on this blog again, this time I will be focusing on some things that I like or dislike or wanted. I look forward to reading comments from my old friends and hopefully, new readers ^^'

Okay, let's go back to our topic for the day...T.R.U.A.N.CY or ponteng.

Pernahkah anda ponteng sewaktu sekolah dulu? Tak kira la sekolah rendah atau menengah?

Masa kat universiti atau tempat kerja?

Hari ini, sebenarnya, saya , dengan tidak ada rasa malunya, ingin PONTENG kelas Sains.

Ya, itu dia, confession yang sangat berani dari saya setakat ini ( I'll die if my prof read this !)

Well, the reason nak ponteng sebenarnya, adalah untuk...zzzzzzzzzz.

Seriously. Siap ajak cik Mayamiami lagi.

I even asked her to "pujuk" me so that I would not have the heart to go to my/our class tomorrow.

Pesan si Mayah : " Kalau nak pegi kelas, bagitau awal2, aku malas nak bangun awal "

...Baiklah. Tapi, setakat ini, from the first day of the semester until now, I have never skip this class.

I am in a dillemma now. To ponteng or not ponteng. I felt scared. And hesitated at the same time. I tried to ponteng so many times, but I ended up putting my clothes and makeup on...and dash to the class like Speedy Gonzales. ( * ariibaa ariibaa outta my way :D )

So, should I go to the class tomorrow? Or should I skip?

The clock is ticking. I should continue reading Anatolia story. And go to sleep.

And hopefully I have the b...confidence to ponteng tomorrow.

See you in the next post.


moonshin said...

nad, do it when your heart leads.LOL.
if u don't have any concrete reason to ponteng, then don't. use it when there's something really important came up your sleeve. like a date or a new movie release or sumthing. relax girl, the semester is still a long to go. hehehehehe...

wooo....oh boy, what kinda friend am i? giving tips on ponteng. LOL.

w.a.n.n.o.r.f.a.d.z.l.i.n.a said...

Salam Nadia.. Hai! Saya student DPLI UPSI, bakal berpraktikal 1 Mac ni kat SMK Seremban Jaya.. Perlukan pertolongan kamu utk tips-tips hebat. Huhu..

Please contact me back at

Thanks Dear!

Awis said...

sama lah kita..

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